603 Charcuterie



Here is some info about our business!

Hello! My name is Theresa. I started this company in the middle of the pandemic, starting as just take-out orders from our commercial kitchen in Derry, NH for charcuterie boards to-go! We slowly added more and more local NH food companies onto our boards! Local NH cheeses, salamis, jams, mustard, nuts, ferments, and more, even the wooden charcuterie board itself is NH made!

From there, we decided, once things started opening up again, we wanted to share our love for our charcuterie and our local community, and host classes sharing all these local NH products with you! All while showing you techniques and fun tricks to make your own Instagram worthy charcuterie board while incorporating NH made items! The plus, this class usually takes place in local breweries and wineries ;) or at our store front for intimate smaller private parties, with a local wine sommelier doing a wine tasting or mimosa tasting at the same time as building your board as an option!

At this point, we have transitioned into catering as well! We offer grazing charcuterie tables or individual cones/boxes/cups for your special event <3

1 year later....NOW WE HAVE A STORE FRONT in Manchester, NH. Located at 252 Willow St. Manchester, NH (The Factory on Willow) SOUTH PARKINGLOT and since this is a brand new building, we are slowly offering open hours as we wait for more stores to come to this indoor space as well! Current hours are Thurs-Sat 10am-3pm