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603 Charcuterie

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Here is some info about our business!

Hello! We started this charcuterie business in the middle of the pandemic. We've been doing these fun charcuterie classes for 3 years now! Thank you so much for your continued support and having fun with us!! We slowly added more and more local NH food companies onto our boards! Local NH cheeses, salamis, jams, mustard, nuts, ferments, and more, even the wooden charcuterie board itself is NH made! So, when you come to a class, you get a full board of NH made products! (ALMOST 100% NH made...almost.)

We host classes sharing all these local NH products with you! All while showing you techniques and fun tricks to make your own Instagram worthy charcuterie board, while incorporating NH made items! The plus, this class usually takes place in local breweries and wineries ;) We have comedian style instructors teaching you, so no, this ain't no classy event, we'll make fun of you, throw some meat jokes in, and drink a beer with you! Let's have a blast!

Our catering and custom orders are on HOLD right now, as we have new owners getting the hang of things! We offer grazing charcuterie tables or individual cones/boxes/cups for your special event <3

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