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About 603 Charcuterie

Cheese pun version

Nothing gets CHEDDAR than this! A female owned small business in the HAVARTI <3 of Southern New Hampshire. Do you BRIE-lieve in me?! I BRIE-ly hope so! What can possibly get FETA than a beautiful charcuterie spread?? Founded in the BRIE-ginning of November 2020, located in Manchester, NH, a charcuterie business was needed. Theresa thought, "RICOTTA get this going!" So, in QUESO you didn't know about 603 Charcuterie, now you know! And if you're really FONDUE of cheese like I am, then these charcuterie spreads are GRATE for you! Life is GOUDA!


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Like us on Instagram: @603_charcuterie

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252 Willow St. Manchester, NH (The Factory on Willow) park in the SOUTH parking lot, NOT the North Parking lot. (Bigger signage will be up in the near future)

Our store front hours will slowly expand as more stores and foot traffic come into this brand new indoor marketplace.


Store front open hours:

Thurs-Sat 10am-3pm


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