About 603 Charcuterie

Cheese pun version

Nothing gets CHEDDAR than this! A female owned small business in the HAVARTI <3 of Southern New Hampshire. Do you BRIE-lieve in me?! I BRIE-ly hope so! What can possibly get FETA than a beautiful charcuterie spread?? Founded in the  BRIE-ginning of November 2020, located in Derry, NH, a charcuterie business was needed. Theresa thought, "RICOTTA get this going!" So, in QUESO you didn't know about 603 Charcuterie, now you know! And if you're really FONDUE of cheese like I am, then these charcuterie spreads are GRATE for you! Life is GOUDA!


Contact Us

Phone: 603-722-8462

E-mail: 603charcuterie@gmail.com

Instagram: @603_charcuterie

Facebook: 603 Charcuterie

Address for pre-ordered pick-ups

35 Manchester Rd, Derry, NH 03038. All the way to the right of the plaza, directly next to Romano's Pizza. The sign say "Creative Chefs Kitchen" not 603 Charcuterie.