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In home/in office:

We offer it completely customizable! Cutting boards, knives, all supplies provided, even cling wrap at the end to wrap it up and take it home. Or enjoy there, either way! We can provide the crackers on the side if need be as well, if everyone plans on enjoying their boards the following day or two instead.


Small (serves 2-3):

-$105 per board (Includes NH made wooden serving board)

-$80 (assembling on a bamboo platter) (you may provide the boards as well, but need to communicate ahead of time for planning :))

-3 cheeses 

-2 meats

-2 jams

-Crackers, olives, pickles, etc

At least 12 small boards made.


All participants will use the same type of serving board, cheeses and meats. We can easily provide gluten free crackers.


Will travel within 15 miles of kitchen in Bedford, Nh. If further distance than 15 miles drive, the minimum participants will increase by 1 additional board, if 30 miles 2 additional boards then 45 miles will be 3 additional boards. 


May have up to 50 boards made, you may have 2 people share making a board :) i(up to 90 people)

ALL WE NEED FROM YOU IS TABLE/CHAIR SPACE**** each spot should have at least a 2' wide table space. example: an 8' long table can hold 4 people on either side for a total of 8 boards. But that will only fit 1 person at each spot, just think about the space you have in mind and communicate with us to have the best outcome possible!



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